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Oligomer Technology and Applications (Plastics Engineering .

Ethylene is supplied in the reactor from a pressure vessel. Reaction temperature is -5°C up to +5"C, and working pressure 20 to 25 kg/cm2. Reaction mixture is passed through reactor 7 and vessel 8, where deactivation of the catalyst takes place with an alcoholic NaOH solution of the 3 to 10% concentration at 15 to 18°C and 3 to 25 kg/cm2 .


2018-5-1 · O 2-O 2 and O 2-N 2 collision-induced absorption mechanisms unravelled. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Karman, Tijs; Koenis, Mark A. J.; Banerjee, Agniva; Parker, David H.; G

Carbon Nanomaterials in Clean Energy Hydrogen Systems

To fabricate Al-Mg-Bi alloys, high-purity metals were used. Kinetic curves of the evolution of hydrogen, which is formed by interaction in time (p-t curves) between activated aluminium-magnesium alloys and water, were recorded in a high-pressure reactor. The experimental procedure is described in detail in .

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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is an informatics company that provides solutions in support of R&D. Our software platforms unify analytical and chemical information in a collaborative environment; and provide tools that enable scientists to extract, capture, and apply knowledge from analytical experiments and predicted .